Tuesday, December 28, 2010

WildmanT Speed Boxers @ MV4MEN

Great underwear from WildmanT & Great prices at MV4MEN

WildmanT underwear range is ideal if you are thinking of giving your wardrobe a make over for 2011. First of all it's not going to break the bank, secondly, the designs, colours and ranges have something for everyone.
My favourite is the Speed Boxer, available in black and white or army and white. The cock-ring brings your inner superhero out! These sexy boxers that are cut like briefs will make you look and feel amazing with the removable Ball Lifter Cock-Ring! Support you love in a brief now in a boxer brief!

For a close up view just click on the image on the left. MV4MEN offers these US manufactured ranges from WildmanT at great prices. The Speed Boxer retails at just US$21 or Euro 16 - a small price to pay for quality designer underwear and to start off the New Year looking your best.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Croota Rodeo underwear - New Year - New undies

New Year - new undies - croota rodeo is ideal

Give yourself a change of underwear style in 2011 with Croota Rodeo as part of those (old) new year resolutions. Slinky sexy style from one of the most famous designers in Australia. Croota has been the smash hit of 2010 in the world of men's underwear. Easy to see why. Great cuts, great material and fabulous designs - what more do you want - Oh yes! and at prices which DO NOT resemble a telephone bill. The rodeo boxer retails at $20 or just over Euro15. Click on the image below to see what we at mv4men have in store for you for 2011.
As you can see they come in white or grey with croota logo on the back and matching multi-coloured waistband. And the quality is such you won't be disappointed after taking them out of the washing machine for the 20th time. Designer quality we can all afford.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas mens designer underwear mv4men

What to buy him this Christmas - mv4men has the top of the line mens underwear as gifts

That time of year again and not sure what to buy him for Christmas. From mv4men how about some of the best male designer underwear around from the latest up and coming designer - Croota. Great ranges of sleek, high-quality designs and colours at affordable prices. Below are just a few of the most popular examples from the 2010/2011 range. make this Christmas a hot one!

Originating in Australia, Croota fashion has quickly spread to Japan and now is in how demand in Europe and the USA. At prices which will not break the bank. This model, Leo Guard, retails at under $24 or Euro 18. At MV4Men we offer world wide shipping and despatch within 24 hours of ordering.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Male Underwear in Greece MV4MEN

Greek male underwear fashion from mv4men for the young man about town

Here on the Greek male underwear blog we get frequently questions from visitors about what the young Greek men's underwear choice is. Answer is - probably much the same as in most European countries at least as the designer industry has become so multinational.

At mv4men we have a range of different designer names which are popular with young Greeks. Perhaps at the moment the top of the pack is an Australian company called Croota. It is very new to the international market in Europe but seems to have caused a stir. Great colours, better cuts and even better colour designs. On the left is just one of their current range - called Blue Tang. Click on the image for a close up view. You can find the full range at mv4men male designer online store.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Review 2nd Skin - Greek male underwear

MV4MEN for Greece reviews Croota 2nd Skin male underwear

Certainly one of the big hits of the male Greek underwear scene is currently 2nd Second Skin from a small Australian company called Croota. The company is relatively new to the international designer market having created quite a splash in Australia.

Why second skin? Simply because companies hit on the right blend of colour, design and comfort - reviews actually say the material is such and so comfrotable that it simply feels like a second skin - hence the name.

Click on the image for a close up view and the item is also available in a total of three colours - black, blue and purple each with a colour contrast waistband and of course the genuine Croota logo on the back. Retailing at MV4MEN for just under  US$22 or Euro 16 this is affordable real quality. For more items from the current Croota male underwear range at MV4MEN click on the logo below to visit our shop.

Friday, November 19, 2010


MV4MEN introduces MARCUSE Swimwear - Wave

One of the latest from the Marcuse swimwear range available at MV4MEN is "Wave". As you can see it comes in a number of colour combinations but all of them echoing the wave movements of the ocean.

The quality and colour combinations are great so that you can be sure to show off your body at its best. Of course having the right body is an added extra. But this is quality designer swimwear from Australia which retails at a fraction of the price other designer brands are asking. You can be wearing this for just under US$50 or Euro 36. MV4MEN has all sizes and colours in stock so strike while the iron is hot.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Marcuse Arrest Me Swimwear at MV4MEN

Sleek, hot and sexy - Arrest Me swimwear from Marcuse - scorch the beach at MV4MEN™

The Australian designer underwear company for men, Marcuse, might be the new kid on the block but it certainly creating more than a ripple on Australian beaches this summer. Narrow cut, great material and design seems to have placed it on the shopping list of the discerning young man this season.

OK, I admit it is one of my favourites from Marcuse but I do not have the body to wear it. As you can see it comes in a variety of colours - click on the image for a close-up view.

Personally I prefer theyellow and the red but it sure shows a great butt and the material is quality which means its not hanging on you like a pair of wet underpants after you have worn it 20 times. Just one example from the entire Marcuse swimwear range from MV4MEN.

Croota Underwear Review by MV4MEN

A Review of the Quality of Croota Mens Underwear by MV4MEN

Usually in our blog we are more used to reviewing individual pieces of underwear and not a whole range in itself. However, the emergence of Croota, a new Australian mens designer underwear company has prompted us to same a few words in more general terms why we promote the Croota range at mv4men.

The recipe for their success is a combination of choosing daring colour combinations, new sleek low rise cuts and providing all this in a quality material which stands the test of time. Doing this at very good prices for products of this quality seems to have caught the attention of the male fashion world. Croota first spread from Australia to Japan and now young guys in Europe (above all Germany and France) as well as the USA are into their underwear big time. I mean, would you dare to design tartan like underwear? Few would but Croota does. This on the left is just one piece which combines design color, quality and price. This item is called Check Point. Many more items in the Croota underwear range at MV4MEN.

Croota Underwear - so fakes are a bargain?

Fake Croota Underwear - Are Fakes a Bargain?

As you know we sell male designer underwear. MV4Men has been online for five years but it is only recently that the thorny issue of competing with fake Chinese replicas branded under the same name become a real problem. Let me a little more precise about what I cam saying. 

Take a look at the two ipictures of what is claimed to be the same genuine article. (A) is taken from my site and  (B) is taken from another (Asian) site  which rsays they are selling the same genuine and (branded) article.
(A)                                 (B)
IMAGE A12666674740.jpg
Not much difference one could say from the point of view of the Internet client wishing to puchase a pair of Croota boxers. True - problem is Article A comes from my store and retails at over $23 dollars. Article B comes from a Chinese store and retails for just over $7 dollars. My objection, do not get me wrong, is not competition but UNFAIR competition which claims it is selling the genuine article for one third of the price. Knowing the wholesale price of the goods (just over $14 for me from the genuine Croota manufacturer), I know that the other product is a fake. There is no other answer.
So what can I do about it? In true terms precious little. Complaint to the Chinese Ministry, complaint to google or eBay as listing it as genuine - my experience in the latter cases is do not be expecting an answer to your email tomorrow morning. No one cares. I do believe, however, that certain commercial ethics should make large search engines and sites such as eBay responsibility for not taking any action to protect the producer and seller of the genuine article.
So what can I really do about it? Basically, I advise on my website on the presence and the disadvantages of buying the branded fake. Let them wash it five times and see the colours made, let them watch the sewed trimming loosen after two weeks. Then decide if your $7 dollar purchase is the right one as you through your precious Croota boxers in the trash.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Buy Croota Underwear in UK MV4MEN

Looking for Croota Australian Mens Designer Underwear in the UK - try MV4MEN

MV4MEN gets a lot of enquiries about possible retail outlets for Australian Croota mens underwear in the UK. Currently we know of no bricks and mortar shop but I am sure this will change soon considering Croota's growing popularity. We at MV4MEN took the decision to stock Croota a couple of months ago on account of their outstanding designs and colours at very reasonable prices for underwear of this quality. Beware of buying cheap Croota on eBay - these are all cheap Chinese produced fakes which look OK on the photos but tell me about them after they have been in the washing machine for a couple of times! Click on the logo below for the latest available range of Croota male underwear at MV4MEN

We are a European based company which sells quality designer male underwear only online. This saves us a lot of costs which we are able to pass on to you the customer. We also take pride in customer service and offer despatch to the UK and all European countries within 24 hours - direct from the Croota factory. Below are just a few examples of the currently available range. Click on thumbs for better images.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Enhanced Male Underwear at MV4MEN

MV4MEN stocks the latest enhanced male underwear from WildmanT

If there is one company which has made the headlines lately on account of their innovative approach to making men look their best - or their most - then it must be WildmanT. Set up just a few years ago by Tim Wildman, this male underwear designer company specialises in what they call the ball lifter - the ability to give men a fuller package in briefs, jeans or swimwear.  They have a vast range of items now in 2010 and mv4men stocks the best of them offering discount prices through our on-line male underwear shop.

Below are just a few samples from the full range. Click on the images to access better pics.

Don't forget, we at mv4men pride ourselves in our customer service and offer 24 hour despatch world-wide.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Croota underwear 1st NIGHT 2nd SKIN MV4MEN

Croota underwear 1st NIGHT 2nd SKIN - save the ass

Croota has a mission in life or at least in the life of the mens underwear designer fashion - Save the ass - men should wear saucy underwear and show their butts at their best. This is just oenof the campaigns they have organised in Australia and it seems to be going well. You'll even find tags in some of their products proclaiming (SAVE THE AS5). This was the theme earlier this year at Bondi Beach when they organised the first Croota beach party.

In fact the organiser disappeared for a while and came back very disappointed muttering "we have to save theM" Save who" Well apparently he had taken a walk further down the beach and used the opportunity to take some shots of young kids at another party. And these were kids showing their underwear at the waistband. The results if you look carefully are indeed  pretty disappointing in terms of sex appeal and fashionable briefs. Hence his desire to save the as5 with briefs like 1st night 2nd skin.

So if there are any asses around you know in need of saving just point them in this direction and we'll do what we at MV4MEN can help. One of the best cures in my opinion is this latest item from the Croota range. Just click on the pic before for greater details.

Original enhancement brief WIldmanT

WildmanT original enhancement underwear briefs for the unashamed

It was in 2008 that Tim Wildman followed his own wish of having a fuller package in his briefs or swimwear. He states that when he was a kid growing up in Virginia he had one wish - to look somewhat like the super male models in the cltohing catalogues. He says he liked their tight hug jeans and underwear but as he admits he could not fill them. He says that where there was supposed to be bumps he was as flat as a pancake. And so he set to work.

Tim maintains that just because you may seem flat up front this is no indication that you are lacking anything down under. It is your family jewels (balls) not dick that counts to he worked with soft materials to slightly raise the testicles- and voila! Suddenly the bulge attracted more attention and gave the unashamed look of showing what you have. It was the simplest of  creations to make the fullest package possible and provide both comfort and style. Now it is called the “Wonderbra for men”.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

WildmanT Protruder Jockstrap MV4MEN

Protruder Jockstrap from WildmanT - new male enhancing underwear from MV4MEN

So what's so hot about WildmanT enhancing jockstraps for men. Well firstly it should do away with millions of spam emails on penis enhancement and crap like that. Tim Wildman has been busy creating jockstraps and briefs that should your manhood at its best. Simple comfortable ball lifter fitted into the jockstrap - it is removable - and your bulge suddenly  looks a lot different in those jeans.

In an recent interview Tim Wildman explains his success as follows: he believes it is the bold nature of the styles of WildmanT items, which seems to be completely in tune with the Amercian sense of either you go big or you go home. He believes it is engraced in American cultural that if you are going to do something in the US then do it big or do not. And that is exactly what his products do. On the side a few samples from the mv4men male designer underwear store.

Ball Lifter WildmanT at MV4MEN

Ball Lifter briefs and swimwear from WildmanT

Can you imagine waking up to have your mother ask you why her email box is full of orders for a "ball lifter" (enhanced male underwear). This, according to Tim Wildman, owner and creator of WildmanT, is how his company started. In a recent interview with Passport Style Tim continues:

“It sold and it continued to sell,” Tim says of WildmanT’s signature design. “So I thought, we’re not going to turn this away. I bought a sewing machine and we started sewing the damn things and selling them out of my kitchen.” Before long a company in China came calling and wanted to wholesale the Ball Lifter, so Tim found and hired a seamstress, which he jokes was no mean feat for a product like his in suburban Palm Springs. From that moment WildmanT became a full-fledged brand in its own right, rather than a re-seller of other underwear concerns.
Find the full range of WildmanT briefs and jockstraps visit the online mens underwear store MV4MEN.

Mens Underwear Military Jock WIldmanT

WildmanT Military Jock Mens Underwear at MV4MEN

Looking around for a jockstrap you feel comfortable in and shows your package at its best - look no further. WildmanT has them and in fact it is their job to making nothing else in the international mens underwear fashion scene. The item displayed here is available in blue, black and army green and it retails at $17.90 - which is a good deal for designer fashion jockstraps - you can easily pay double for worse quality.

The creator, Tim Wildman, is crazy about men's underwear and this is what he writes about himself in his blog.

"My name is Tim Wildman and I LOVE men in underwear. So much that I started my own underwear store called www.wildmant.com. I invite you to join me as I chronicle my journey of developing my own line of underwear for WildmanT."

Mens underwear WIldmanT Timmy Brief

WildmanT Timmy Brief from mens underwear at MV4MEN

Wildmant’s Timmy Brief is a smooth body moulded fit that makes you look great. Hot, sleek and sexy this item has an adjustable and detachable cock-ring built in. Showing you at your best. And this is what has made WildmanT, a new Australian designer company, catch the limelight in the world of international mens underwear fashion. They offer comfort, designer and supported items at great discount prices. The Timmy Brief is avaiable in both yellow and army colour and retails at US 21.50 which is not going to break the bank.You can view the full range of WILDMANT briefs and jockstraps in our mens underwear store.
Why I recoomend them - basically they are worth the money, the material holds its quality after the washing machine and the built-in cock ring which is comfortable makes you fell good. Click on the image for a closer view at MV4MEN.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

MV4MEN Marcuse Croota WildmanT

The creme de la creme in male underwear fashion is Marcuse, Croota and WildmanT at MV4MEN

Have you noticed latest a sudden change in mens leisure fashion? Well to me it now seems hip to have your jeans low slung to expose at least the brand of underwear you are wearing. Unheard of a couple of years ago now whereever I go I am confronted with young guys with jeans slouched real hip low and a Croota or AussieBum underwear wiast band. Keep your eyes open next time you are clubbing and you'll see what I mean. It now seems as important to show the underwear brand you follow as the jeans you have on. This is real male underwear fashion
OK, I admit the image I took is a bit exaggerated - could not find a better one on google images but do you get the idea?
So, some advice in underwear you want to be seen in today if you consider yourself hot, in and above CK and other Armani clichees. My first bet is Croota from Australia - a new company breaking all the rules and going places fast. Hre just one example of their terrific design and colours. Want to see the full range - just click on the image below. And soon I will follow up this post with similar items from Marcuse and WildmanT

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

WildmanT - New Range at MV4MEN

WildmanT - Great new range of enhancing designer male underwear at MV4MEN

The male designer underwear market is a fast moving one. The latest discovery by mv4men which we feel we can recommend is WildmanT. This is what the company has to say about itself. "Wildmant is a pioneer in male enhancing underwear. Two years ago we created the first Ball Lifter® starting a revolution in male support garments. Now wildmant offers a full range of male enhancing underwear, push-up underwear, suspension jocks and cock-ring swimwear. The original Ball Lifter can be worn with any under garment or all by its self. All our products create the fullest package possible while maintaining style and comfort." 

Our research shows they offer a great range of enhanced underwear for the less weel endowed among us. The little thumbnail is just a practical image of what we are talking about. This is the before and after effect - quite impressive wouldn't you agree. And from reading the comments on the manufacturers site the range would seem to be crowned with a lot of success stories - no details here - find out for yourself. Below are just a couple of items from their latest range. Click on the images to see the full range close up.

 All the range is available on-line for 24hour shipping world wide. At mv4men we pride our selves in customer satisfaction.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Eugene - Paul Gunn shows Marcuse Swimwear

Model photographer Paul Gunn with shots of Marcuse underwear featuring Eugene


Waves is one of the latest swimwear from the Marcuse range and renowned model photographer has been doing shooting of Eugene, up and coming Brisbane model, for their coming collection.

The outstanding characteristics of Marcuse is their eye for colour combinations and ultra-sleek low line cuts. Waves, true to its name, features multicoloured wave patterns in a a low rise brief style. The Wave collection is themed in blue, orange and green and retails at around US50 on mv4men.

Meanwhile Melbourne based Eugene has been making a splash and was seen last week modelling for Dolce and Gabbana (no less) at their fashion week in China! Have a look at the full range of Marcuse swimwear available on mv4men. You'll see what I mean about the colour combinations, the cuts and the affordable prices for true men's designer swimwear fashion. By the way, does anyone know Eugene's surname, I can't find it anywhere?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Marcuse Launch Swimwear

Marcuse Australian swimwear - we love it!

We at mv4men, always on the lookout for the latest and greatest in mens designer underwear and swimwear, have been really taken by this new Australian label. Hot sexy swimwear defining the contours of the male body. Great designs for the new skimpy style (if you have the body show it) and bold colour mixes which makes this label pretty unique.

The "Verti" range from Marcuse is available in Steel grey, black, blue and red. It is a simple stylish trunk with contrasting front insert and the superbly cut front panel gives extra room and comfort in the pouch.

It retails at mv4men at around US50 and for swimwear od this quality and design you will have difficulty finding its match on the market at such an affordable price.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Marcuse Nirvana Mens Swimwear

Nirvana mens swimwear from Australian label Marcuse

One of my favourite pieces from the new Marcuse range of mens swimwear is "Nirvana" with the cuts and colours characteristic of this new company. Available in grey/black, yellow/grey and red/white this low rise swimwear range shows off the body at its best. Priced around US$ 47, Nirvana is a combination of quality material and superior design.

And we have more to look forward to as Marcuse has announced that they are in the process of producing an underwear range. Hopefully we can expect the same bold colours and designs as we find in the swimwear range. Lately we have seen a  number of young new companies from Australia appear on the international market and getting attention in Europe and the USA. I am convinced that Marcuse will be the next one with such a future. To look at the full swimwear range of Marcuse swimwear at mv4men click here

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Daniel Garofali the face of Marcuse Swimwear

Who better than top Australian model, Daniel Garofali, to brand the new Marcuse mens underwear label in Australia

Australian heartthrob Daniel Garofali is the face of Marcuse, the label new kid on the block in Australian men's designer underwear. With a body like his the low-rise swimwear range with high waist and low front, it is no surprise - the perfect match.  Marcuse also seems to be a company with a social conscience. It supports same sex marriage equality and from every pair of swimwear from the "Collection" range it donates AUS$ 5 to the Australian Marriage Equality Movement.

It is always difficult to define what makes a new label a success or a failure. With Marcuse it seems to be a combination of bold colours, even bolder cuts and the fact it is offering high quality designer wear at affordable prices. 

Marcuse new Aussie swimwear label

Australian swimwear with Marcuse has never been sexier

Mv4men has discovered the latest new men's swimwear label - Marcuse. Great designs, innovative colour combinations and low-rise sexy fit as you can see.  The model below is Marcuse waves and has a wave motif in different colours. The cuts one has only describe as cheeky with the swimwear rising high on the thing and low on the waist.

Click on the pic for a closer look at the range. The whole Marcuse range has caused waves big time down under and in terms of value for money with a retail price of around $40 for designer wear of this quality for money you will not find much better than this.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Q-Z bodywear mens boxers

Quadrigae Zeus (Q-Z) Bodywear - outstanding design and fabric in men's boxers

This is a little known British company which is rapidly gaining the name as the Mona Lisa of male underwear. No matter from what perspective you look at it, fabric, design, production, Q-K products are unique. The material is even treated with a special enzyme to ensure that they do not have fluff on the material after washing. Although this sort of top-range quality does not come cheap, there is a price range and I find the black boxer very reasonable for just over $31 US. As you can see it comes with a variety of contrasting attractive waistbands. So if quality is what you are looking for, this is as good as it gets.

Click on the pic for more details

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Johnathon Yassanye models Croota Underwear

Refresh Blog features model Johnathon Yassanye in Croota Underwear

I just came across this blog post at the British designer magazine, reFresh, and I have to share it with you. It contains some shots from the photoshot for Croota underwear with the very handsome Johnathon Yassanye, an up-and-coming model from the U.S. So it seems to me that the Croota design has actually hit the European market big time after conquering its native Australia and then Japan.

Here at mv4men.com we are proud to be one of the first European online stores to give extensive coverage and to sell the Croota range. MV4MEN brings Croota to Europe at a discount. Keep you eye on this label, it's going places - fast!

Croota T. HardStyle Fitness Tank Top

T. HardStyle Fitness Vest/Top from Croota accentuates your body

The contrast striped shoulder straps are set in such a way as to accentuate your upper body so your chest and arms will have more enhanced look. The vest features a bold and colourful update on a unique cut, made from body-hugging stretch cotton and 5% spandex to provide the snug fit. The contasting red shoulder bands lined in white and the navy body create a clean and attractive body profile.

From what I have seen around, good designer fashion does not come better than this at a price of $23 US. For me at least this is true designer quality at a discount. It is a great vest for the gym, for the beach or just plain chilling out.

Click on the pic for more details 

Croota T Saturday AM Vest

The new T Saturday A.M. vest tank top from Croota makes you stand out in the crowd

If you have the body then show it. This vest/tank top is designed to show your arms and chest at their best. The square neck with low cut shoulder straps is the ideal vest for the gym or clubbing or just chilling out. As always Croota has made the best of its distinctive colour designs. This tank top comes in navy with red shoulder straps trimmed with white. Plain direct colours in a 95% cotton,5% spandex mix to ensure that it fits the contours of your body.

One of my favourite Croota tops, summer or winter, and at a retail price of $23, I find great value for genuine designer tank tops. This is quality designer fashion at disocunted prices. Take a look at the prices of similar designers and you'll see what I mean.

Click on the pic to see more details

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Croota T Team Spirit Tank Top

New to the Mv4Men Croota range - the T Team Spirit tank top

I think tank tops do not get much sleeker or attractive than those of the Croota range. The T. Team Spirit, made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex has a square cut neck designed in such a way as to emphasize the chest and arms. It hugs the body on account of the materials used.

As always Croota has to be praised for its design and the super attractice logos and print, Death Before Dishonor" with the red typograph being the Japanese word for honor. Its a great addition to your wardrobe whether for the gym, the beach, clubbing or just chilling out at home. At a retail price of $23 US I believe that this is great quality from Croota at an outstandingly low price. Available in the mv4men Croota range.

Click on the pic for more details