Tuesday, August 09, 2005

All about us

About modusvivendi-design.com

www.modusvivendi-design.com is the estore of modus vivendi, the brand name of men’s designer fashions for the young generation by Greek fashion designer, Christos Bebitsos. The product range includes men’s underwear, beachwear, homewear and sportswear and has been on the local Greek market for some 15 years.

The name modus vivendi, translated as “lifestyle”, or “way of life” says everything about the design and manufacturing approach for each product. It is not a product, or a brand but a lifestyle.

The Product
The basic characteristics of modus vivendi products are:
• They show a unique and creative design break-through
• They are produced from high-quality materials in Greece
• The utmost care is taken in the production stages to ensure high-quality, comfortable and feel good to wear clothes

Not a product but a lifestyle which has had its impact on the local men’s fashion market with retail outlets in both Athens and Thessaloniki. The company keeps a keen eye on market trends and this is evident in the changing summer and winter collections each year.

Aims and potential
With the launch of the ecommerce outlet in summer 2005 modus vivendi plans to brings its quality men’s products to the internatonal market. Equally the company plans to extend its range to other materials and men’s fashion wear.

The long–term goal is for the modus vivendi brand to be an interesting, creative and innovative design house at affordable prices for the young and fashion-conscious man.

The ecommerce site (http://www.modusvivendi-design.com) prides itself on customer care, offering standard and express delivery services throughout the world The site is minimal in design, like the products it makes no compromises, it constantly seeks to be the best in customer service in a competitive online market giving you an enjoyable and easy shopping experience from your keyboard.