Friday, April 29, 2011

Marcuse Fighter swimwear at mv4men

Marcuse fighter swimwear - latest in the range at mv4men

Fighter, new exlusive men's swimwear fashion from down under. Australia is the country now hitting the market in leading designer underwear and swimwear for men. And one of the latest to join the hunt is Marcuse, constantly bringing out new simwear in its product range.
This newest fighter model comes in combinations of yellow, white and black - click on the image on the left to get a closer view of the assortment. Low rise swimmers with contrasting colours, details and power mesh inserts on the sides.A powerful, fun and sexy combination all in one. Get ready to be the sexiest guy this summer! Sexy in design and comfortable to war, showing you at your best.

As always at mv4men we see our task over the years in finding the best designer mens swimwear and underwear at prices which we can afford and which show clearly quality and value for money - that is why we are so picky about the ranges we select to display. Our quest is quality, design and pleasure but at reasonable costs. You can take a look at the whole Marcuse collection we offer in Europe and the US from the company in Austrlia. The name is quickly gaining ground in the UK and Europe and picking up sales in the US. What started as a small Austrlian designer underwear business is snowballing quickly into an major international name. 

This model, fighter from Marcuse, retails at just Eur 44 or US 64.50. Compare that to other leading designer models and you will require no further explanation. To see the full range of underwear and swimwear at mv4men just click on our banner below.