Wednesday, April 03, 2013

New mv4men site - Croota, Marcuse, modusvivendi

New website mv4men with Croota, wildmanT, Marcuse and modusvivendi

Excitment all aroudn at mv4men with Marcuse, Croota, WildmanT and other ranges now in a brand new site. Some seven years have passed since we set up shop online and now the time has arrived to upgrade our presence making it more interesting for you the user.

It is still under covers but once testing is completed you will have our mv4men ranges with increased functionality. The site is in English and German and you can view the products in their different colours and from different angles all on the same page. We will of course depend on your comments in the start up period to see what you think.

Anyway, the mv4men Team will keep you posted. As and when it happens.