Tuesday, May 03, 2011

MV4MEN - Shopmania Croota - Marcuse mens underwear

Croota, Marcuse, WildmanT as mv4men expands its mens underwear outlets to Shopmania

Great news, after successful visibility on facebook, mv4men has expanded its outlet to shopmania, one of  the largest on-line stores on the Internet. Here you will find our full range of men's designers underwear and swimwear from Croota, Marcuse and WildmanT.

It has always been the driving force behind MV4MEN to locate men's designer underwear and swimwear which in terms of design, material and price offer great value to you the customer. And in the 7 years of doing so we feel we are providing a valuable service to customers wanting value for money when they shop. The retail prices at shopmania are identical to those on MV4MEN. So why not be oen of the first to visit our Shopmania collection?