Friday, November 12, 2010

Original enhancement brief WIldmanT

WildmanT original enhancement underwear briefs for the unashamed

It was in 2008 that Tim Wildman followed his own wish of having a fuller package in his briefs or swimwear. He states that when he was a kid growing up in Virginia he had one wish - to look somewhat like the super male models in the cltohing catalogues. He says he liked their tight hug jeans and underwear but as he admits he could not fill them. He says that where there was supposed to be bumps he was as flat as a pancake. And so he set to work.

Tim maintains that just because you may seem flat up front this is no indication that you are lacking anything down under. It is your family jewels (balls) not dick that counts to he worked with soft materials to slightly raise the testicles- and voila! Suddenly the bulge attracted more attention and gave the unashamed look of showing what you have. It was the simplest of  creations to make the fullest package possible and provide both comfort and style. Now it is called the “Wonderbra for men”.


Roxanne said...

This is a terrific style, sexy looking and yet soo comfortable and what great colors!

steve said...

I have some of these and like them better than any other's I've had. Unfortunately, it seems that no Walmarts in my area have them anymore,guess i have to order from the hmm..i 'll do that

gabe said...

I've grown to become a fan of the Life brand as a whole, I got the five-pack of these in large, i ordered them all from mv4men. and i gotta say they are the best .. thumbs up :)