Sunday, November 14, 2010

Buy Croota Underwear in UK MV4MEN

Looking for Croota Australian Mens Designer Underwear in the UK - try MV4MEN

MV4MEN gets a lot of enquiries about possible retail outlets for Australian Croota mens underwear in the UK. Currently we know of no bricks and mortar shop but I am sure this will change soon considering Croota's growing popularity. We at MV4MEN took the decision to stock Croota a couple of months ago on account of their outstanding designs and colours at very reasonable prices for underwear of this quality. Beware of buying cheap Croota on eBay - these are all cheap Chinese produced fakes which look OK on the photos but tell me about them after they have been in the washing machine for a couple of times! Click on the logo below for the latest available range of Croota male underwear at MV4MEN

We are a European based company which sells quality designer male underwear only online. This saves us a lot of costs which we are able to pass on to you the customer. We also take pride in customer service and offer despatch to the UK and all European countries within 24 hours - direct from the Croota factory. Below are just a few examples of the currently available range. Click on thumbs for better images.

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