Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ball Lifter WildmanT at MV4MEN

Ball Lifter briefs and swimwear from WildmanT

Can you imagine waking up to have your mother ask you why her email box is full of orders for a "ball lifter" (enhanced male underwear). This, according to Tim Wildman, owner and creator of WildmanT, is how his company started. In a recent interview with Passport Style Tim continues:

“It sold and it continued to sell,” Tim says of WildmanT’s signature design. “So I thought, we’re not going to turn this away. I bought a sewing machine and we started sewing the damn things and selling them out of my kitchen.” Before long a company in China came calling and wanted to wholesale the Ball Lifter, so Tim found and hired a seamstress, which he jokes was no mean feat for a product like his in suburban Palm Springs. From that moment WildmanT became a full-fledged brand in its own right, rather than a re-seller of other underwear concerns.
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mv4men said...

I like the design OK

mark said...

Hey, it has been a while. I have been avoiding your site as I try to control my obsession with purchasing underwear. But I must say I like how you have developed the site. I particularly like the addition of the product details, personality ratings, fabric stretch ratings. These give a quick overview especially when you don't have time to read the entire written component of the review. Keep up the good work.i really recommend to buy undies from mv4men
Longtime reader,

caller m. said...

agreed mark ... My wife insisted that I wear these...and I gave in after a full year of having them in my dresser drawer, and haven't looked back. They fit very well..

Anonymous said...

I enjoy this brand and cut of underwear. I've tried other string bikini cuts and these seem to fit the best even after considerable wear. The all cotton construction beats out the elastic waistbands of competitors through increased comfort. There minimal cut makes them space savers when packing for travels.