Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Efficio : the new swimwear design just arrived !

The brand new Marcuse Effico ,
Sharp, fun and sexy - the new tricolour swimwear range. Specially developed using premium Italian fabric, this colourful hipster features contrasting colour blocks with mesh back centre seam for the sporty YOU!
We just LOVE IT !!!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

New arrivals at mv4men

Croota's new models available now

Sprinkles !
Want to improve on your boring saggy undies but don’t like all the flashy colours? Try Croota Sprinkles! Designed with the simple man in mind, these come in Grey and Black, but don’t be fooled by the mono colours - two distinctive materials are used for 1 colour application on the waistband, giving the Croota logo a subtle reflection in light. Whether you are conservative or just like a simple yet affective design, Sprinkles is for you!

Great Sandy Desert !
If you ever wanted to know the feeling of “Second Skin” then Great Sandy Desert is a pair of underwear you must try! These undies give a true meaning to 2nd skin, they are so light that it feels like you are not wearing them! Croota brings a new cut into the market, featuring a very unique feel and two very distinctive gradient colours inspired by the Australian desert called the Great Sandy Desert. Day time and Night time. Try a pair of these on and stand in front of your mirror, you will find yourself looking sexier and better than with any other underwear!

Oasis !

Put on a pair of Oasis after a shower to find yourself having the sensation of refreshment and relaxation. Get to know the true feeling of “Second Skin” with another new cut created by Croota, combining the logo with a tribal design inspired by an oasis in the middle of desert Australia. Croota brings a new cut into the market featuring a very unique feel. Available in 2 fantastic colours - Salmon and Bijou Blue. Try a pair of these on, they will leave you looking sexier and better than with any other underwear!