Saturday, November 13, 2010

Enhanced Male Underwear at MV4MEN

MV4MEN stocks the latest enhanced male underwear from WildmanT

If there is one company which has made the headlines lately on account of their innovative approach to making men look their best - or their most - then it must be WildmanT. Set up just a few years ago by Tim Wildman, this male underwear designer company specialises in what they call the ball lifter - the ability to give men a fuller package in briefs, jeans or swimwear.  They have a vast range of items now in 2010 and mv4men stocks the best of them offering discount prices through our on-line male underwear shop.

Below are just a few samples from the full range. Click on the images to access better pics.

Don't forget, we at mv4men pride ourselves in our customer service and offer 24 hour despatch world-wide.


Kaare Pedersen said...

love these undies ! I think all men should be in these

steveinpdx said...

i have been wearing these for about a month and love girlfriend loves them on me.i used to wear the jockey elance and still do some but these are more comfortable.

mary D. said...

yes those designs are cool. i m gonna gift some of these to my husband :)

Mens swimwear said...

nice bulge wear

Mens swimwear

male chastity

Anonymous said...

Just wanted a jock with string sides and strech pouch that fir and look great, I;m wearing them to bed and since putting them on the pouch is proud.