Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mens Underwear Military Jock WIldmanT

WildmanT Military Jock Mens Underwear at MV4MEN

Looking around for a jockstrap you feel comfortable in and shows your package at its best - look no further. WildmanT has them and in fact it is their job to making nothing else in the international mens underwear fashion scene. The item displayed here is available in blue, black and army green and it retails at $17.90 - which is a good deal for designer fashion jockstraps - you can easily pay double for worse quality.

The creator, Tim Wildman, is crazy about men's underwear and this is what he writes about himself in his blog.

"My name is Tim Wildman and I LOVE men in underwear. So much that I started my own underwear store called I invite you to join me as I chronicle my journey of developing my own line of underwear for WildmanT."


Kelvin Edmund said...

Just received the red and blue jock from the mv4men website
Gotta say, I agree: it's a good fit, looks hot, feels good!

legend said...

I don't jog or run track in them - that's not what they are for. But fishing and hiking aren't contact sports and they don't bother me even after a hot hike up in the Sierras to a hidden fishing lake or two.

Anonymous said...

My wife bought me some of these on Valentine's Day from the mv4men. They are kind of fun as the very minimal string design is fairly unusual in a mass marketed product. I've had several string sides over the years, and these are by far the most minimal I've had. I had been wearing my heavier stretch boxer briefs most of the winter, so trying these on was sort of a shock due to the light weight and minimal coverage. The mediums fit my 33-34 waist a bit loose, and sometimes they want to ride down a bit in the back - the minimal waistband is probably the reason. The cotton tends to shrink up some in the dryer, and a fresh washed pair tends to start the day too small and tight (but supportive) in the front, and as it stretches during the day it ends up a bit loose, and not particularly supportive. That is why I've become a fan of underwear with a bit of spandex in them - they seem to keep their size and shape better. But, I'm not knocking them - fun design that occasionally gets the wife to give me a look, a very nice light weight for general summer wear, and a very reasonable price make these strings very easy to buy and try for yourself.

sexy mens underwear said...

I read or view your post! I know mv4men underwear are very hot/cool and sexy. I am agree with your comment that it's a great fit, looks hot/sexy feels great!