Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Croota - second skin for men

Croota Australian Underwear - a second skin for men who have the body

Boxers like Devil Eyes, Blue Tang, Cat's Light, Check Point and Cat's Rain are the flagship of one of the up and coming men's designer underwear brands in Australia and Japan. Their striking colours and design - body hugging cotton with great support - have really made a splash on the designer men's underwear market. Their characteristic hipster low cut is ultra sexy.My absolute favourite from the Croota boxer range is the Cat's Rain which you can wear also as shorts - it has neatly trimmed pockets. Great design and fantastic colours.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

2010 underwear designs Croota

The Boxer Check Point is an example of the new Croota underwear designs for 2010 which are causing quite a spash in the world of mens designer underwear. Designed and produced in Australia the make is rapidly making a name for itself in Japan and slowly Europe is catching on. Earlier this year the company started off with a "AS5" campaign, basically an idea that men should show off their butts in underwear. And the Croota designs do just that. Saucy and sexy designs and colours cut to hug the body.

For a look at our selection of Croota boxers and slips just click on the image on the left for great designs at even better prices - Croota - at last designer underwear for men that prices we can all afford.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Cats Light Underwear with Pockets

Cats Light from Croota - great male underwear range with pockets

As I said in the past post, Cats Light is similar to Cats Rain in cut and design but the colours are just that little but lighter. Again available from Croota with the smart yellow pocket and leg trim, these boxers are great value for money. Firstly they keep their shape after washing and they feel an dlook like new with no fading of the colours. Apart from that they come at a greta price for designer underwear (around US $18). You don't get better than that. For a closer look just click on the pic or go directly to our on  line store.

Mens underwear pockets Croota

Male underwear with pockets from Croota - the best in comfort

Croota is the best  (Australian) male underwear designer company I know that also has a range of underwear with pockets. They are my favourite because of the great colours, the quality material and the fact that after washing they still feel and look like new. The top of the range is Cat's Rain which you can wear as shorts if you choose.
The boxer comes in two different shades. The one you see on the left is called cat's rain (click for larger image). These are great for any occasion - home, the beach, you name it. The pockets and the legs come in a contrasting yellow trim which accents the whole slim fit of the boxer. The other one, featured in the following post is slightly lighter in color and is called Cats Light.
Should you want a closer look at the cut again just click on the image or go directly to our on-line store. Here you'll find no better prices for original Croota underwear which we ship straight from the company.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Surfers Paradise II from Croota

Surfers Paradise II - Sexy gay designer briefs from Croota

With Croota designer underwear I can never make up my mind if it is the colours or the cut which makes me like them so much. The Surfers Paradise brief has a hipster cut which gives it a very sexy appeal and the slate blue combines well with the royal blue and citrus colour waist trim. And as is almost standard for the design, the back also has the characteristic logo of the company.

Click on the image above if you want to view other briefs and boxers in the same range from the mv4men store. We offer the best prices around - go ahead and compare. In addition, shipping is reliable and fast directly from the manufacturer.

Cats Rain Boxer from Croota best deal

Croota cats rain boxer - best price you'll find

Cats Rain Boxer - all time favourite from Croota is the very popular designer underwear which you can also wear as shorts. Great colour deigner like all the Croota range.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Croota Neo Night Boxer

Croota designer underwear for men - the Neo Night Boxer in white or black

Great designer underwear from Croota - the new Neo Night boxer combines comfort and fashion. Available either in white with a distinctive blue Croota logo waistband or in black with the bold red logo Croota waistband. Again in 95% durable soft cotton. Fashionable good value from one of the up and coming designers in Australia, "Have no fear, Croota is here". Click on the image to view more items in the Croota range.
Like the colours and the style? Then perhaps you will be interested in the "Devils Eye" Croota boxer.

Surf n Dive Croota Boxer

Croota Surf n Dive boxer - Affordable Designer Underwear

Surf N Dive by Croota is a trendy square cut boxer with colour-blocked inserts on the back. Produced in Australia this Korean designer company offers great designs and shapes in durable quality cotton. Made from 95% soft cotton and contoured with coloured waist and trim, the boxers have a separate pouch for extra comfort and support. Their logos: "1st Night, 2nd Skin", "Have no fear, Croota is here" produced in the "United States of Australia". To view the Surf N Dive and other items in the range just click on the image below.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Best male designer underwear

What is the best male designer underwear?

No such thing! Whatever you feel best in. Naturally it is not the 5 pack from the local department store or you would not be reading this. You can have the play safe always OK option of Calvim Klein, etc. but this is so common in the meantime it really does not stand out as an expression of you. But basically the answer I believe is what you feel comfortable in, what you feel comfortable being seen it.

For me it is a compromise between quality and price (what else). Gucci boxers at $350 a shot are great, I admit, but simply not in my budget. I have chosen makes like Croota simply because the quality is great for the [rice you pay. Great colours, original designs, new additions to their range very couple of months.

Blue Tang Croota Boxer from Australia

Blue Tang mens designer boxer from Croota

The low rise cotton boxer with designed waist band typifies the quality and design of Croota designer underwear for men. Attention to detail and an eye for striking patterns - stripes, checks, has launched this underwear brand into the popular designer arena. To view the full range of underwear at, simply click on the picture below.

Mens underwear famous designer

Croota, the latest designer fashion in mens underwear


Great prices and even better Croota designs at In the boxer range the picture opposite shows the "Devil's Eye" range. You can click on the picture for a closer view of the material and the design.

This up and coming Australian designer underwear company is making a splash in Japan and Europe in recent months. It seems to be the unique designs combined with the best quality cotton that makes this range so popular. Everything about Croota has something unique about it.

 Last month the company organised a Croota beach party at Sydney's Bondi Beach and believe it or not even the competition turned out in underwear to replace the more traditional swimwear.

Croota designer underwear discount prices

Mv4men offers you great discount prices on the Croota designer underwear range

Croota underwear is rapidly becoming one of the most trendy male underwear fashion statements. Their fresh colourful designs with stripes and checks brings a whole new dimension to the men's undies designer scene. Below the Croota Checkpoint range is just one example.

You can view the full selection of Croota boxer designs and cuts at We offer great prices, safe and rapid shipping and the customer service you deserve.