Sunday, November 21, 2010

Review 2nd Skin - Greek male underwear

MV4MEN for Greece reviews Croota 2nd Skin male underwear

Certainly one of the big hits of the male Greek underwear scene is currently 2nd Second Skin from a small Australian company called Croota. The company is relatively new to the international designer market having created quite a splash in Australia.

Why second skin? Simply because companies hit on the right blend of colour, design and comfort - reviews actually say the material is such and so comfrotable that it simply feels like a second skin - hence the name.

Click on the image for a close up view and the item is also available in a total of three colours - black, blue and purple each with a colour contrast waistband and of course the genuine Croota logo on the back. Retailing at MV4MEN for just under  US$22 or Euro 16 this is affordable real quality. For more items from the current Croota male underwear range at MV4MEN click on the logo below to visit our shop.

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