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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Marcuse underwear - bounce enhancing brief

Boxer of brief from Marcuse underwear - both are enhanced design for men

Well, if it was not enough to bring out the Marcus bounce boxer, this is now joined by the Bounce enhanced brief for men following the same concept. Available also in the colours of the boxer - yellow, white and black with contrasting Marcuse broad waistband, this is proving a popular choice in the Australian market. Slowly Marcuse is entering the European and US men's designer underwear market - successfully so on account of the design, quality and the great prices of their products.

Comments - something to suit your style or do you prefer the boxer. Perhaps both considering the brief also retails at just around $US 25 or Euro 18. You simply won't find this sort of quality and design for better prices than at mv4men.

Bounce - Marcuse enhancing underwear

Marcuse does it again with its latest addition - enhanced underwear "Bounce"

As we say at mv4men "you can't keep a good man down". Now Marcuse has bounced back at us yet again with a sleek boxer called "Bounce" in its boxer range. This item is clearly designed to show you at your best from a 3D perspective. If you have it, show it!

It comes in a series of three colours, white, black and yellow and always with the distinctive Marcuse brand waistband. ‘Bounce’ enhancing underwear item has this amazing lift up supports that give you the most ‘3D’ affect, yet still give you the comfort that you needed. Fabric – 90% Micro Modal 10% Elastane. The ideal combination of quality, design and fashion. The Bounce boxer retails at $US28 or just over Euro 20 at mv4men. To take a closer look at the selection just click on our logo below.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Croota Through Boxer | new to mv4men

New Through boxer review from Croota

I told you so, it just doesn't stop. Croota has just brought out yet a new addition to its range. "Through" is available in black, blue and navy in all sizes (you can clip on the left image for a closer look). Each coloured trimmed and matched with the characteristic Croota waistband.
It is what the company describes as a "Lo-Rise hipster with mixed cotton and satin elastic waistband." It  features a sporty square-cut and body-hugging design, made from a high quality cotton which feels just great against the skin while providing that sleek Croota fit. (95% cotton /5% Spandex). In our review it scores high points for both quality of the material, overall design and price.

Worried about the price of designer underwear - no need to, this range retails at US$20 or Euro 14.60 so you won't get better designer quality underwear for lower than that so show me where I can. Again to see the full range of Croota and other exclusive yet inexpensive mens underwear designers take a look at our ranges by clicking on the banner below - and don't forget we make it our job to scout the world for high quality value for money designer men's underwear - and this is just one more excellent example.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Second Skin 04 Croota underwear

Croota new Second Skin 04 series - designer underwear

With the Second Skin 04 added to their range, one of our classic ranges at mv4men, Croota, the latest in Australian designer underwear for men, true to form has done it again. Unlike most companies offering a yearly update int heir collection, Croota never ceases to surprise with constant new additions to their men's underwear collections.
The Second Skin 04 is a continuation of a range of low-cut briefs in black with white leg trim and a striking floral broad waist band. The whole range is moulded to the body and available in all sizes from S to XL. Produced in 95% cotton, 5% polurethane to give it the classic hold and style of the brand, this is designer fashion at affordable prices. Retailing for just under $23 or Euro16 things really don't get much better than this. At mv4men we make it our job to look around hte market to find value for money in terms of quality and design and this is a sure winner. To see more of the range just click on the logo below.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Marcuse Fighter swimwear on DNA cover page

Marcuse swimwear modelled by Gene on the front cover of DNA magazine

Quite a triumph really for a relatively small upcoming designer underwear company like Marcuse to make it to the front page of Australia's leading magazine for gay men - DNA.
We here are mv4men spotted this designer company several months ago and - as we see it as our task to promote the best quality swimwear and underwear from around the world which meet the simple criteria of excellent value for money - Marcuse was one of our choices. And there is no question that the Australian start-up company Marcuse more than fulfils these conditions. Perhaps therefore little surprise that their range has really made an impact not just in Australia and it is then that the publicity follows.
We at mv4men are one of the few on-line stores in the northern hemisphere which imports Marcuse and sells diretcly to you our client at prices which do not break the bank. To see the full Marcus range we have in stock at mv4men just click on the logo below - and don't forget this is first-class designer clothing offering outstanding quality and value for money.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

MV4MEN - Shopmania Croota - Marcuse mens underwear

Croota, Marcuse, WildmanT as mv4men expands its mens underwear outlets to Shopmania

Great news, after successful visibility on facebook, mv4men has expanded its outlet to shopmania, one of  the largest on-line stores on the Internet. Here you will find our full range of men's designers underwear and swimwear from Croota, Marcuse and WildmanT.

It has always been the driving force behind MV4MEN to locate men's designer underwear and swimwear which in terms of design, material and price offer great value to you the customer. And in the 7 years of doing so we feel we are providing a valuable service to customers wanting value for money when they shop. The retail prices at shopmania are identical to those on MV4MEN. So why not be oen of the first to visit our Shopmania collection?

Friday, April 29, 2011

Marcuse Fighter swimwear at mv4men

Marcuse fighter swimwear - latest in the range at mv4men

Fighter, new exlusive men's swimwear fashion from down under. Australia is the country now hitting the market in leading designer underwear and swimwear for men. And one of the latest to join the hunt is Marcuse, constantly bringing out new simwear in its product range.
This newest fighter model comes in combinations of yellow, white and black - click on the image on the left to get a closer view of the assortment. Low rise swimmers with contrasting colours, details and power mesh inserts on the sides.A powerful, fun and sexy combination all in one. Get ready to be the sexiest guy this summer! Sexy in design and comfortable to war, showing you at your best.

As always at mv4men we see our task over the years in finding the best designer mens swimwear and underwear at prices which we can afford and which show clearly quality and value for money - that is why we are so picky about the ranges we select to display. Our quest is quality, design and pleasure but at reasonable costs. You can take a look at the whole Marcuse collection we offer in Europe and the US from the company in Austrlia. The name is quickly gaining ground in the UK and Europe and picking up sales in the US. What started as a small Austrlian designer underwear business is snowballing quickly into an major international name. 

This model, fighter from Marcuse, retails at just Eur 44 or US 64.50. Compare that to other leading designer models and you will require no further explanation. To see the full range of underwear and swimwear at mv4men just click on our banner below.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

WIldmanT Barry Boxer MV4MEN Review

Barry Boxer from WildmanT new in the MV4MEN underwear range

The new "Barry Boxer" from WildmanT under review is now available to order online at mv4men - the best online store in Europe for this new up and coming all American underwear range which combines both quality and comfort. Take a closer look at the item by simply clicking on the image on the right hand side.
As with many of the WildmanT products this Barry Boxer comes with a removable comfortable ball lifter to show you at your best (or even better). Available in all sizes S - XL it comes in black with white pouch or army colour with white pouch. Reviews since it hit the shops have been great and that is why we have decided to feature it in the mv4men web store. And mens designer underwear fashion at a price we can afford - it retails at just over $21 or Euro 15. To see the full range of WildmanT at our online store just click on our logo below.

Monday, March 21, 2011

WildmanT - new mens jockstrap at MV4MEN

New WildmanT jockstrap review from MV4MEN

WildmanT is rapidly gaining ground as one of the most innovative creators of mens designer underwear and the new jockstrap is no exception. Here is our latest review of the WildmanT new jockstrap. As you can see it comes with a (removable) cock ring made in a comfortable material to show you at your best. This item in the wildmant range looks like a bikini in front and a jock in the back. 100% cotton jock comes with a detachable and adjustable suspension cock-ring built in!
Available in all sizes from S - XL you have the choice of yellow or grey with the black jockstrap bands in both colours. And - true to MV4MEN style which is always on the lookout for great quality at prices we can all afford, this retails at just under US$ 20 or Europe 13.60. I believe you can't get much better than that in terms of value for money and the feedback we have from our customers have without exception been positive about the quality of all WildmanT products. Click on the image for a closer look at the colours and sizes available. And should you wish to see the full range of WildmanT we stock at MV4MEN then just clicki on our etsore banner below to will go directly to the WildmanT section.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Undiscovered heaven - new Croota underwear

Undiscovered heaven - new Croota underwear at MV4MEN

We continue with Croota's love for underwear with pockets. Undiscovered heaven comes in white patterned cotton with blue or white pocket and edge trim.
The runner styled trunk is cut in the shape of running short for a stylish, sporty look . This is made of soft, yet durable cotton. Super comfortable , breaths well and has an pocket for practical use (100% cotton) - true Croota quality which is constantly coming out with new atractive designs.
Basically, great designer underwear at prices we can afford is the concept of this up and coming men's designer undies company. Croota has conquered the market in Japan and has quicly gained popularity in Europe and now in the USA. To view this new item in the range click on the picture to the left to see the various colour combinatiosn and sizes. And don't forget I said designer fashion affordable for us all. This item retails at under US$ 20 or some Euro 14. For a look at the full range on offer at mv4men just click on the eshop logo below.


Monday, January 31, 2011

Croota Inner Sport Brief

New in the Croota Range - the Inner Sport Brief

This brief, available in all sizes at MV4MEN in dark blue or purple is the latest addition to the Croota underwear range of boxers and briefs.  No review can ignore its design and value for money. This Lo-Rise bikini has a hot-looking cut and provides extra comfort with great feeling for every day. Higher cropped back panels define an enhanced back profile (95% cotton / 5% spandex). It offers both comfort and great design.
The dark purple brief comes with a contrasting broad orange wiastband with the CROOTA logo and the back has the number 23 and a side logo "athletic department". The purple has a dark blue thick waistband likewise with the white CROOTA logo. You can click on the image opposite to get a close-up view of the brief. Cost? For mens designers underwear great value at around $19 or Euro 14. Interested in viewing the complete designer range of Croota boxers, briefs and vests available on-line at MV4MEN then just click on the logo below to visit the on-line underwear store.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Croota Undiscovered Heaven Boxer

Undiscovered Heaven - Sleek new boxer with pockets from the Croota range

We have to hand it to them - there is no stopping Croota with its creative ideas and designs in mens designer underwear. One of their latest additions is a sleek boxer, available in a white pattern with blue or red trim - the ultimate in comfortable and sowhat akin to their "Second Skin" range. Click on the image below to get a close up view.

 The runner styled trunk is cut in the shape of running short for a stylish, sporty look . This is made of soft  yet durable cotton. Super comfortable, breaths well and has pockets for practical use (100% cotton) - strangely enough pocketed underwear seems to becoming increasingly popular in general. Pricewise we cannot complain either - it's Croota policy to produce high-quality designer underwear at affordable prices. The Undiscovered Heaven boxer retails at just over $US 19 or EURO 14. To view the complete Croota range at mv4men enter our online store through clicking on the logon below.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Croota Outback Australia @ MV4MEN

New range from Croota at mv4men including Outback Australia

The ultimate underwear to boost your rear profile. Smart design offers great support with a classic two-strap back. Designer inspired by Australian desert graphic applied on elastic waisband (95% cotton / 5% Polyurethane. Outback Australia is available in all sizes in blue and purple with trendy starred waistband. Sleek and sexy. The great thing about Croota is that they constantly come out with new products and ranges without us having to wait for the traditional summer and winter collections.
You can click on the image for a close up view of the design and colours. Australia Outback retails at just over US$18 or Euro 16.40. For access to the full croota range at mv4men click on the logo below.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Croota new Through Boxer Review

The new Through boxer from Croota in 2011

New to the MV4MEN range is the latest "Through Boxer" available in all sizes (S,M,L,XL) in two great colours as you can see - purple and navy. Both come with the authentic Croota logoed thick waistband in contrasting colours and on the rear the Croota statement "The United States of Australia". MV4MEN is one of the very few European online shops allowed to distribute and market the Croota range from down under. As you can see the price is not going to break the bank at just under $19 or Euro 15 - the best value for money in mens designer underwear. Click on the image for a close up view!), We can only give it an excellent review.

To view the full Croota range which is growing constantly at MV4MEN online store - don't forget we offer wordwide dispatch of all orders within 24 hours at very competitive rates - Just click on our logo below and Voila!!

Thursday, January 06, 2011


2010 saw the introduction of Croota, WildmanT, Marcuse and Q-Z underwear and swimwear

2010 saw a lot of new men's designer underwear lines at mv4men - when incidentally we celebrated five years of online sales. We expect in 2011 to further increase our range as we continue to scout for quality designer underwear and swimwear at affordable prices and present them to you the customer. We have tried to show diversity in design in the ranges we offer. Croota, the new darling which started in the Australian market, has proven its position on the international market. Marcuse, a designer still only know by the few, offers fantastic design and colour combinations in its range. WildmanT the latest arrival to MV4MEN has invented a new concept of showing yourself off at your best with its unique "ball lifter design" and Quadrigae Zeus (Q-Z), a British company offering very upmarket designs with Swarovski crystals, is about as exclusive and luxurious as you can find in the male designer underwear fashion world.

You can click on the logos on the left to view these individual ranges available at MV4MEN. We pride ourselves in our service to our clientele and will ensure that this standard remains in 2011 with 24 hour despatch of our ranges worldwide and prices which won't break the bank.