Monday, December 27, 2010

Croota Rodeo underwear - New Year - New undies

New Year - new undies - croota rodeo is ideal

Give yourself a change of underwear style in 2011 with Croota Rodeo as part of those (old) new year resolutions. Slinky sexy style from one of the most famous designers in Australia. Croota has been the smash hit of 2010 in the world of men's underwear. Easy to see why. Great cuts, great material and fabulous designs - what more do you want - Oh yes! and at prices which DO NOT resemble a telephone bill. The rodeo boxer retails at $20 or just over Euro15. Click on the image below to see what we at mv4men have in store for you for 2011.
As you can see they come in white or grey with croota logo on the back and matching multi-coloured waistband. And the quality is such you won't be disappointed after taking them out of the washing machine for the 20th time. Designer quality we can all afford.

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