Thursday, November 11, 2010

WildmanT Protruder Jockstrap MV4MEN

Protruder Jockstrap from WildmanT - new male enhancing underwear from MV4MEN

So what's so hot about WildmanT enhancing jockstraps for men. Well firstly it should do away with millions of spam emails on penis enhancement and crap like that. Tim Wildman has been busy creating jockstraps and briefs that should your manhood at its best. Simple comfortable ball lifter fitted into the jockstrap - it is removable - and your bulge suddenly  looks a lot different in those jeans.

In an recent interview Tim Wildman explains his success as follows: he believes it is the bold nature of the styles of WildmanT items, which seems to be completely in tune with the Amercian sense of either you go big or you go home. He believes it is engraced in American cultural that if you are going to do something in the US then do it big or do not. And that is exactly what his products do. On the side a few samples from the mv4men male designer underwear store.


rocky said...

my girlfriend bought one for me. and its very cozy. i love them :)

John H. said...

good for you rocky :) i will also try these. gonna order now .

jonah michael said...

Overall I have had great experiences with this brand and cut of underwear. I use to wear boxers until I came across this brand out of need for athletic purposes. I felt a little odd to say the least, buying the first pack 5 pack. But after wearing them I began to appreciate the comfort, and breathability, all benefits of the minimal coverage they provided. I'd recommend these to anyone!