Thursday, November 18, 2010

Croota Underwear Review by MV4MEN

A Review of the Quality of Croota Mens Underwear by MV4MEN

Usually in our blog we are more used to reviewing individual pieces of underwear and not a whole range in itself. However, the emergence of Croota, a new Australian mens designer underwear company has prompted us to same a few words in more general terms why we promote the Croota range at mv4men.

The recipe for their success is a combination of choosing daring colour combinations, new sleek low rise cuts and providing all this in a quality material which stands the test of time. Doing this at very good prices for products of this quality seems to have caught the attention of the male fashion world. Croota first spread from Australia to Japan and now young guys in Europe (above all Germany and France) as well as the USA are into their underwear big time. I mean, would you dare to design tartan like underwear? Few would but Croota does. This on the left is just one piece which combines design color, quality and price. This item is called Check Point. Many more items in the Croota underwear range at MV4MEN.

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