Tuesday, November 09, 2010

MV4MEN Marcuse Croota WildmanT

The creme de la creme in male underwear fashion is Marcuse, Croota and WildmanT at MV4MEN

Have you noticed latest a sudden change in mens leisure fashion? Well to me it now seems hip to have your jeans low slung to expose at least the brand of underwear you are wearing. Unheard of a couple of years ago now whereever I go I am confronted with young guys with jeans slouched real hip low and a Croota or AussieBum underwear wiast band. Keep your eyes open next time you are clubbing and you'll see what I mean. It now seems as important to show the underwear brand you follow as the jeans you have on. This is real male underwear fashion
OK, I admit the image I took is a bit exaggerated - could not find a better one on google images but do you get the idea?
So, some advice in underwear you want to be seen in today if you consider yourself hot, in and above CK and other Armani clichees. My first bet is Croota from Australia - a new company breaking all the rules and going places fast. Hre just one example of their terrific design and colours. Want to see the full range - just click on the image below. And soon I will follow up this post with similar items from Marcuse and WildmanT


patrick said...

I've been wearing these for a few years..

I just check periodically, they are always coming out with new patterns and colors... Sometimes different mv4men stock end up with different batches as well.

jack p. said...

I also find them cooler than Jockeys and boxers. The cotton is in immediate contact with you and they seem to wick away moisture and sweat very well.

Anonymous said...

Humm. I've been looking for something like this for a while so I may have to get myself one !