Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Marcuse Nirvana Mens Swimwear

Nirvana mens swimwear from Australian label Marcuse

One of my favourite pieces from the new Marcuse range of mens swimwear is "Nirvana" with the cuts and colours characteristic of this new company. Available in grey/black, yellow/grey and red/white this low rise swimwear range shows off the body at its best. Priced around US$ 47, Nirvana is a combination of quality material and superior design.

And we have more to look forward to as Marcuse has announced that they are in the process of producing an underwear range. Hopefully we can expect the same bold colours and designs as we find in the swimwear range. Lately we have seen a  number of young new companies from Australia appear on the international market and getting attention in Europe and the USA. I am convinced that Marcuse will be the next one with such a future. To look at the full swimwear range of Marcuse swimwear at mv4men click here

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