Thursday, July 29, 2010

Q-Z bodywear mens boxers

Quadrigae Zeus (Q-Z) Bodywear - outstanding design and fabric in men's boxers

This is a little known British company which is rapidly gaining the name as the Mona Lisa of male underwear. No matter from what perspective you look at it, fabric, design, production, Q-K products are unique. The material is even treated with a special enzyme to ensure that they do not have fluff on the material after washing. Although this sort of top-range quality does not come cheap, there is a price range and I find the black boxer very reasonable for just over $31 US. As you can see it comes with a variety of contrasting attractive waistbands. So if quality is what you are looking for, this is as good as it gets.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Johnathon Yassanye models Croota Underwear

Refresh Blog features model Johnathon Yassanye in Croota Underwear

I just came across this blog post at the British designer magazine, reFresh, and I have to share it with you. It contains some shots from the photoshot for Croota underwear with the very handsome Johnathon Yassanye, an up-and-coming model from the U.S. So it seems to me that the Croota design has actually hit the European market big time after conquering its native Australia and then Japan.

Here at we are proud to be one of the first European online stores to give extensive coverage and to sell the Croota range. MV4MEN brings Croota to Europe at a discount. Keep you eye on this label, it's going places - fast!

Croota T. HardStyle Fitness Tank Top

T. HardStyle Fitness Vest/Top from Croota accentuates your body

The contrast striped shoulder straps are set in such a way as to accentuate your upper body so your chest and arms will have more enhanced look. The vest features a bold and colourful update on a unique cut, made from body-hugging stretch cotton and 5% spandex to provide the snug fit. The contasting red shoulder bands lined in white and the navy body create a clean and attractive body profile.

From what I have seen around, good designer fashion does not come better than this at a price of $23 US. For me at least this is true designer quality at a discount. It is a great vest for the gym, for the beach or just plain chilling out.

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Croota T Saturday AM Vest

The new T Saturday A.M. vest tank top from Croota makes you stand out in the crowd

If you have the body then show it. This vest/tank top is designed to show your arms and chest at their best. The square neck with low cut shoulder straps is the ideal vest for the gym or clubbing or just chilling out. As always Croota has made the best of its distinctive colour designs. This tank top comes in navy with red shoulder straps trimmed with white. Plain direct colours in a 95% cotton,5% spandex mix to ensure that it fits the contours of your body.

One of my favourite Croota tops, summer or winter, and at a retail price of $23, I find great value for genuine designer tank tops. This is quality designer fashion at disocunted prices. Take a look at the prices of similar designers and you'll see what I mean.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Croota T Team Spirit Tank Top

New to the Mv4Men Croota range - the T Team Spirit tank top

I think tank tops do not get much sleeker or attractive than those of the Croota range. The T. Team Spirit, made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex has a square cut neck designed in such a way as to emphasize the chest and arms. It hugs the body on account of the materials used.

As always Croota has to be praised for its design and the super attractice logos and print, Death Before Dishonor" with the red typograph being the Japanese word for honor. Its a great addition to your wardrobe whether for the gym, the beach, clubbing or just chilling out at home. At a retail price of $23 US I believe that this is great quality from Croota at an outstandingly low price. Available in the mv4men Croota range.

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Vent Mesh Croota's Cats Light

Stay cool in your second skin with Croota Vent Mesh underwear technology - Cats Light

Vent Mesh technology - Croota puts a lot of thought not only into their colours and designs in men's underwear but also into the material they use. One example is the materials used in the Cat's Light boxer built in the design of running shorts with pockets. As you can see from the first picture below, the sunglasses show that new Vent Mesh material - a band sewn in which increases ventilation and reduced perspiration. Due to the clever placing of the material in the crotch it remains invisible for anyone to see.

Cats Light is available in white or black satin and both items use the Vent Mesh technology. Below I have also included a size chart so that you know which would be the best fit for you.

Low price Croota underwear at mv4men

Genuine Croota undies at reduced prices from mv4men

Leo Guard and Surf N Dive: If you are going to buy Australian Croota designer underwear then buy the real thing not fake look alikes made in China. I will not name and shame but you will find many websites claiming to sell the real product but they don't. You can rest assured that at mv4men we guarantee our products are 100% genuine and are actually shipped from the company.

So how can you tell you are buying the real thing. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult and only after washing them will you notice that the quality is not what it seems to be. Below just a couple of the latest ranges which we particularly like. The first is Leo Guard which retails at just over $23 (for the genuine Croota quality and label).

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And my second favourite from Croota in the underwear brief range is Surf N Dive low cut brief in white with contrasting red waistband and the distinctive Croota logo. This is great value and retails at just under $20. So why buy fake rubbish when you can have the real thing, and more important, the real Croota quality for a few dollars more.

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Croota Straight Cuts male boxer


Introducing the Croota Straight Cuts boxer

The great thing about Croota, the new male underwear design range from Australia, is that they are coming up with new items in their ranges all the time while other designer houses usually show their new collections once or at most twice a year. Latest addition is the Croota Straight Cuts boxer. It is in the typical Croota designer style and comes in a checked red cotton with an attractive waistband as you can see below. Available in small, medium, large and extra large it has the small details which are a sign of quality - high quality cotton with a snug fit, the trimming buttons on the front and, of course, the Croota logo, on the back so that others know exactly your good taste in undies.

Prices are more than reasonable for this new item in the range from the "United States of Australia" - just over $20 or Euro 18 at Check out the prices for similar designer items and you will see what I mean - great quality at affordable prices.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Leo Guard Boxer from Croota

Another outstanding Croota design - the Leo Guard Boxer

Every since discovering the Croota Australian men's underwear designer for mv4men, I am constantly surprised at the imaginative design of their range. The latest range available includes the Leo Guard Boxer and when I compare design, fabric and price with other designers in the league, I have to admit that Croota is offering outstanding value for money.


I suppose Leo Guard is a takeoff from LeoTard as that is the pattern available in blue or leopard skin as shown above. The fabric is light and durable cotton and gives great support. Another Croota hit!

New Croota Range Second Skin

Great news that an extended range of Croota mens designer underwear is now available through mv4men

With the characteristic logo, the United States of Australia, the range comes in blue, purple and black with a matching broad waistband. Great design and even better fit with the low hipster look you would not be afaird to be found in these anywhere. Designer underwear from Croota without the crazy designer underwear prices. That's why we chose to run Croota, where you are not paying for a label. You are paying for quality and design and the price is slow.


This new designer brand has really been creating headlines not just in Australia but is rapidly becoming a very sought after brand in Europe and the UK. One of those rare occasions where a realively small name seems to catch the eye. Fantastic and unusual mixes of colour in checks, for example.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Croota 1st Night 2nd Skin

Croota 1st Night 2nd Skin - Now available in Greece

Now available in Greece, Croota, the Australian mens designer underwear brand can be found at Distinct colours and fantastic designs such as the Check Point range have become a fashion must for the fashionable male. Originally available in Australia and Japan Croota is now sought in the European markets and the USA.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Mens Underwear - Croota 2010

Croota - the best in male designer underwear at affordable prices

The good thing about Croota is the they bring new items out in their ranges every couple of months - not the usual spring or winter collections but an on-going process. 2010 has seen great new designs and colours from the Australian designer company. Just one example is the boxer "Star Tang" shown above.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Buy genuine croota grundies

Buying Croota undies - then buy the real thing

One of the recent designer names in mens underwear is Croota. Australian  brand under mottos like 1st night 2nd skin, is making its mark on the fashion world. At the same time there is no lack of cheap Chinese imitations coming on the market as a "Croota underwear" search in any engine will show.

My advice, buy the genuine article, the Croota imitations might look the same but the material is cheap and you can bet the few dollars you have "saved" will end up in the rag bag after a few washes. Croota - great Australian grundies.