Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mens underwear WIldmanT Timmy Brief

WildmanT Timmy Brief from mens underwear at MV4MEN

Wildmant’s Timmy Brief is a smooth body moulded fit that makes you look great. Hot, sleek and sexy this item has an adjustable and detachable cock-ring built in. Showing you at your best. And this is what has made WildmanT, a new Australian designer company, catch the limelight in the world of international mens underwear fashion. They offer comfort, designer and supported items at great discount prices. The Timmy Brief is avaiable in both yellow and army colour and retails at US 21.50 which is not going to break the bank.You can view the full range of WILDMANT briefs and jockstraps in our mens underwear store.
Why I recoomend them - basically they are worth the money, the material holds its quality after the washing machine and the built-in cock ring which is comfortable makes you fell good. Click on the image for a closer view at MV4MEN.


steveinpdx said...

Really fun with matching socks.

Anonymous said...

The greatest thing underwear can do for you is make you forget you're wearing it. These do just that.

Anonymous said...

Im 15 years old and I bought my first of these few months back and I love them!
They are comforable and in different colors
When Im exercising, at school, when Im sleeping, everywhere!
Sometimes I even forget that Im wearing them on!
I would be buying more and Its in a good price!