Friday, October 15, 2010

Eugene - Paul Gunn shows Marcuse Swimwear

Model photographer Paul Gunn with shots of Marcuse underwear featuring Eugene


Waves is one of the latest swimwear from the Marcuse range and renowned model photographer has been doing shooting of Eugene, up and coming Brisbane model, for their coming collection.

The outstanding characteristics of Marcuse is their eye for colour combinations and ultra-sleek low line cuts. Waves, true to its name, features multicoloured wave patterns in a a low rise brief style. The Wave collection is themed in blue, orange and green and retails at around US50 on mv4men.

Meanwhile Melbourne based Eugene has been making a splash and was seen last week modelling for Dolce and Gabbana (no less) at their fashion week in China! Have a look at the full range of Marcuse swimwear available on mv4men. You'll see what I mean about the colour combinations, the cuts and the affordable prices for true men's designer swimwear fashion. By the way, does anyone know Eugene's surname, I can't find it anywhere?


Mens swimwear said...

very hot model, love the position and pose of this photo

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Kelvin Edmund said...

I ordered one from and it arrived yesterday.
Even though I wasn't sure if I had it on right, I did try to wear it for a little while this morning. I was surprised by how soft the inside is and it was very comfortable. definately recommnded

Roxanne said...

like kelvin suggested. i will give it a try.those design looks nice

jack Foster said...

mv4men is a quality store in terms of customer service.i am using this store since my high school days and i definately recommend them.