Thursday, October 17, 2013

At mv4men the new Ultra from Marcuse - Nicholas and Campbell Petts

Mv4men present Marcuse "Ultra" with Campbell and Nicholas Pletts"

The Plett twins have just modelled the latest Marcuse swimwear creation - the "Ultra" line - and it is very ultra everything as the images show.

The new models are available in boxer and brief cut. The brief is available in black, white or gray - all with red rimming and the same applies to the boxer cut. They are excellently priced at around US$ 15 or Euro 13 - compare this with some of the through--the-ceiling prices of other designer ranges and you will get the message.

Marcuse is out for top design, high quality and value for money - so you are not paying for the label - which, by the way, is elegantly included in the waistband of all the Ultra range. To take a close look at the models on the mv4men site simply click on the left-hand image. Our newly designed site now comes with the added functionality that you can view the various colours and designs from a variety of perspective.

Coming on to the "Ultra" line, the briefs are every bit as inviting - just with a lower cut - and a sexy body fit but as you can see if Campbell and Nicholas Pletts can wear them to their advantage so can you - slim, high-quality cotton - and again of course at similar prices to the briefs which will far from break the bank for those fans of designer underwear  - there is no doubt about it - Marcuse has quickly entered and is conquering the designer market - its strategy is a simple one of great design coupled with quality cotton materials and prices which can't be confused with telephone numbers. Click on the left-hand image for closeups of the briefs - again of course donned by our twins.

The advice we offer you from mv4men - you cannot go wrong with such classic designer wear at these prices - while stocks last.