Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Baroque Boxer from Quadrigae Zeus

This is one of my favourites in the designer underwear range of Quadrigae Zeus - the Baroque boxer in the "Tattoo" line. Never has underwear for men been so luxurious. This black boxer with its body-hugging fit comes with a motif composed of hundreds of Swarovski crystals combined with brushed gun metal and silver elements. The pattern itself is painstakingly beautiful and indicative of the standard of quality and design offered by Q-F bodywear.

The Baroque boxer combines comfort, design and durability with luxury. For those who really wish to pamper themselves, the Baroque matching T-shirt comes with the same crystal Baroque motif and is made of the same fine material to match the contours of your body. Both have the sign of quality, the crystal QZ logo on the front. Click here if you wish to view more items in the "Tattoo" fashion range from Quadrigae Zeus

Monday, April 05, 2010

Croota and Quadrigae Zeus at Mv4Men

Croota and Quadrigae Zeus mens designer underwear

Mv4Men is very excited about the first new ranges of mens designer underwear we have online, Croota and Quadrigae Zeus, Q-Z for short. In deciding on new designer ranges for you we went ot great care to find the very best and the latest mens underwear fashion.

Croota is an up and coming designer from Korea and Australia and when we saw the designs, the colors and the cuts of their range we knew this is something we just have to have in our Mv4Men store.  While a little retro, the Croota cut and the amazing use of colours, be it stripes or checks, makes them stand out a mile off. Still difficult to find in Europe, they have hit the Japanese and Australian markets big time but fashion, like everything else these days spreads fast, and it won't be long before they will be in designer underwear stores in the UK and Europe. It is a brand new company full of brand new ideas what the young fashion conscious man would and should like to wear beneath the belt. Sometimes with the cut of the boxers I have the feeling they could double as running shorts and the designer admits himself he intentionally wanted to give this impression. If you take a look at the Croota boxer above you will see exactly what I mean. Light refreshing colours, gym short design (even with pockets, in durable but soft cotton. Very distinctive, very chic.