Thursday, November 18, 2010

Marcuse Arrest Me Swimwear at MV4MEN

Sleek, hot and sexy - Arrest Me swimwear from Marcuse - scorch the beach at MV4MEN™

The Australian designer underwear company for men, Marcuse, might be the new kid on the block but it certainly creating more than a ripple on Australian beaches this summer. Narrow cut, great material and design seems to have placed it on the shopping list of the discerning young man this season.

OK, I admit it is one of my favourites from Marcuse but I do not have the body to wear it. As you can see it comes in a variety of colours - click on the image for a close-up view.

Personally I prefer theyellow and the red but it sure shows a great butt and the material is quality which means its not hanging on you like a pair of wet underpants after you have worn it 20 times. Just one example from the entire Marcuse swimwear range from MV4MEN.

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