Wednesday, October 27, 2010

WildmanT - New Range at MV4MEN

WildmanT - Great new range of enhancing designer male underwear at MV4MEN

The male designer underwear market is a fast moving one. The latest discovery by mv4men which we feel we can recommend is WildmanT. This is what the company has to say about itself. "Wildmant is a pioneer in male enhancing underwear. Two years ago we created the first Ball Lifter® starting a revolution in male support garments. Now wildmant offers a full range of male enhancing underwear, push-up underwear, suspension jocks and cock-ring swimwear. The original Ball Lifter can be worn with any under garment or all by its self. All our products create the fullest package possible while maintaining style and comfort." 

Our research shows they offer a great range of enhanced underwear for the less weel endowed among us. The little thumbnail is just a practical image of what we are talking about. This is the before and after effect - quite impressive wouldn't you agree. And from reading the comments on the manufacturers site the range would seem to be crowned with a lot of success stories - no details here - find out for yourself. Below are just a couple of items from their latest range. Click on the images to see the full range close up.

 All the range is available on-line for 24hour shipping world wide. At mv4men we pride our selves in customer satisfaction.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Eugene - Paul Gunn shows Marcuse Swimwear

Model photographer Paul Gunn with shots of Marcuse underwear featuring Eugene


Waves is one of the latest swimwear from the Marcuse range and renowned model photographer has been doing shooting of Eugene, up and coming Brisbane model, for their coming collection.

The outstanding characteristics of Marcuse is their eye for colour combinations and ultra-sleek low line cuts. Waves, true to its name, features multicoloured wave patterns in a a low rise brief style. The Wave collection is themed in blue, orange and green and retails at around US50 on mv4men.

Meanwhile Melbourne based Eugene has been making a splash and was seen last week modelling for Dolce and Gabbana (no less) at their fashion week in China! Have a look at the full range of Marcuse swimwear available on mv4men. You'll see what I mean about the colour combinations, the cuts and the affordable prices for true men's designer swimwear fashion. By the way, does anyone know Eugene's surname, I can't find it anywhere?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Marcuse Launch Swimwear

Marcuse Australian swimwear - we love it!

We at mv4men, always on the lookout for the latest and greatest in mens designer underwear and swimwear, have been really taken by this new Australian label. Hot sexy swimwear defining the contours of the male body. Great designs for the new skimpy style (if you have the body show it) and bold colour mixes which makes this label pretty unique.

The "Verti" range from Marcuse is available in Steel grey, black, blue and red. It is a simple stylish trunk with contrasting front insert and the superbly cut front panel gives extra room and comfort in the pouch.

It retails at mv4men at around US50 and for swimwear od this quality and design you will have difficulty finding its match on the market at such an affordable price.