Thursday, March 25, 2010

Quadrigae Zeus or Q-Z bodywear,underwear and swimwear

I wanted to draw your attention to a designer range of men's underwear and swimwear from the United Kingdom which I jave just come across. It is called Quadrigae Zeus or Q-Z bodywear for short and their collection I find more than impressive. By the way, after some research into the somewhat eccentric name of the brand, I discovered that a Quadrigae is an ancient Roman charriot always pulled by four horses. So i suppose the name means "The Chariot of Zeus". So you're up there with the Gods, guys, when you are wearing these designer ranges.

The current collection from Quadrigae Zeus is made up of  "couture", "microfibre","fashion", "club" and "tatoo" and I find them like a breath of spring air on the men's designer underwear scene. You can access the Q-Z Bodywear  here to have a look at the different collections.

One of the most creative ideas, I found, is the use of Swarowski glass  crystals on the fabrics - I have never seen this done before and when used on black, I find the effect amazing. These are clothes just made for clubbing, when you want to look your absolute best for the occasion. The sparkling diamond effect is amazing and the patterns used by Q-Z Bodywear are simply unique. But do not get me wrong, the range is not confined to  plain black and white colours although I think as you can see from a sample of the tatoo collection both the tatoo and the swarowski effect really look their best on pieces that have little colour to distract the eye from the amazing patterns made with the glass and the tatoos.

From the little research I have done on this collection it is rapidly becoming a best seller in Japan and the Japanese designer male underwear market is becoming one that is also setting the pace internationally.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Croota - a label worth watching at mv4men

I came across Croota this Australian/Korean(?) men's designer underwear company just a short time ago and I discovered it is selling big time particularly in Japan and now the company seems to be getting a presence and a name both in Europe and in the USA and Canada. They seem to special in preserving some of the vintage style in underwear by adding innovative prints, pockets. Take a look at some of the sample products I found below and you will get an idea of what I mean.

I love their range of colors and in general the articles are low cut with high quality cotton and other low mix materials to keep their form. Interesting also is the fact that they don't cost an arm and a leg. You will find more of the Coota men's underwear range here.  One particularly outstanding element is the way they have cleverly used contrasting colours in their designs. They also seem to specialise in what I can only call "national" ranges with colors prints entitled "Japan", "Italy" etc. With the bold contrasting colors their briefs, for example sit low on the hips. This is something which is completely in line with today's "low rider" fashions.Great pains go into the design and the boxer range are contour shaped and have no back or side seams. All in all a great and inexpensive alternative to our more traditional male briefs.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Underwear - at what a price?

Remember these? If you are twenty or over then you are bound to - the classic white Yfront. This was the stock and trade of the underwear industry until the late 80's or early 90's when things changed big time for what men wore under their trousers. What brought about this change? In my view the fashion industry decided this was an unexplored market and that they better get on to it as quickly as possible as there was money ot be made - men's underwear - a potential gold mine.

And that is exactly what happened. Prior to this it was of no concern to anyone - and more specifically the average Joe Doe on the street what he was wearing under those pants. But let the fashion industry and the advertyising industry at it and before you know - you will be what you underwear! In the space of some 30 years the men's underwear industry has seen fundamental change. We have been taught to believe that our underwear is an expression of ourselves and a lifestyle statement about us. Think of the Calvin Klein, Dolce Gabbana and the whole miscellany of fashion houses - today those Y-fronts have become a billion dollar industry. The $4.99 tighty whities have now been replaced in a great degree with the $350 Gucci slip for men - OK I am talking here top of the range but most of us now are somewhere in between. A survey carried out by an advertising agency showed that men are now prepared to spend around $35 for underwear - and wait for it - they are greatly influenced by the packaging it comes in.

See the bra depicted opposite - diamond studded with a price tag of $1.3 million! To me that is really convincing proof that underwear has made it to the ranks of the encrusted Rolex, the Ferrari and caviar - a personal lifestyle statement which seems to be dripping in the prosperity of the western world - we have to hand it to those advertising houses. They have us sold and the more expensive the better it feels. Today would you even dare mention your liking for those $4,99 white Y-fronts? Never!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

What does your underwear say about you?

We at modusvivendi have always maintained that underwear for men has become a true fashion statement over the two decades. So what does your underwear choice say about you as a personality. The following youtube video examines the various underwear types both for the man and the women and comes to some interesting conclusions about what the kind of person you are if you wear boxers or strings or even go commando - which I have discovered means wearing no underwear at all. So take a few moments to watch the video and discover what your undies preferences say about you. Me personally? I'm the boxer type and as you will know our summer range of mens underwear may not be as famous as Dolce and Gabanna or Calvin Klein yet. But we're getting there.

Do us at modusvivendi-design a favour. When you have seen the underwear fashion video, take the short poll about your favourite undergarments.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Preview of summer collection 2010

Today we continue our preview of the up and coming 2010 summer collection form ModusVivendi-Design Here are just a few samples of the tops and underwear range. We continue our love for colour as you can see and we particularly like the pink and coffee combination in stripes. This applies both to the underwear and the tops. The design is even carried on over to the bermuda so that one can have an entire matching set. The emphasis in tops is one contrasting shoulder straps and  designs which fit to the body shape, a typical concern of modusvivendi-design to show of the male physique as it should be.
As we mentioned in an earlier post the all popular zipper range of underwear originally only available in black or white has now taken on colour. The zipper range is available as jockstrap, slip or boxer style and opposite you can see just a selection of the colours this range will be available in for the summer 2010 collection.

In the coming days and weeks we will continue with our sneak preview of what is currently on the production line for 2010. We are confident that modusvivendi-design will not disappoint you either in fashion, design or quality. Stay posted here for the upcoming ranges we will be putting on display.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

New "Zipper" models - Last days of sales

As our winter sales at mv4men come to a close, we are taking you behind the scenes again for another sneak preview. Here you can see the "new generation" of the immensely popular zipper underwear which to date has only been available in black or white. As you can see we are extending the range in the new season and adding some colour to this range. For the summer 2010 range which will be online in a few weeks, the zipper range will be available in grey - with white trim, bordeaux red with a distinguishing black trim and in royal blue with a white trim. The range is in the production process now and we can assure you that you will not be disappointed either with the line or the quality of the garments. Stay tuned for more "behind the scenes" sneak previews of the up and coming mosudviendi design new collection.