Wednesday, April 30, 2014

"ETERNAL" the new collection

Modus Vivendi Eternal line

Athletic collection by Modus Vivendi available in four strong colours (green, blue, red, and black) from the Eternal line of classic men's underwear designed to remain comfortable all day long. High quality fabric and perfect fit make this jock ideal kit for the gym.
Available in boxers, brifs, tanga and jockstrap .
Available from mv4men
Bold, durable and stylish, with a medium-width waistband that bears the Modus Vivendi name.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Efficio : the new swimwear design just arrived !

The brand new Marcuse Effico ,
Sharp, fun and sexy - the new tricolour swimwear range. Specially developed using premium Italian fabric, this colourful hipster features contrasting colour blocks with mesh back centre seam for the sporty YOU!
We just LOVE IT !!!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

New arrivals at mv4men

Croota's new models available now

Sprinkles !
Want to improve on your boring saggy undies but don’t like all the flashy colours? Try Croota Sprinkles! Designed with the simple man in mind, these come in Grey and Black, but don’t be fooled by the mono colours - two distinctive materials are used for 1 colour application on the waistband, giving the Croota logo a subtle reflection in light. Whether you are conservative or just like a simple yet affective design, Sprinkles is for you!

Great Sandy Desert !
If you ever wanted to know the feeling of “Second Skin” then Great Sandy Desert is a pair of underwear you must try! These undies give a true meaning to 2nd skin, they are so light that it feels like you are not wearing them! Croota brings a new cut into the market, featuring a very unique feel and two very distinctive gradient colours inspired by the Australian desert called the Great Sandy Desert. Day time and Night time. Try a pair of these on and stand in front of your mirror, you will find yourself looking sexier and better than with any other underwear!

Oasis !

Put on a pair of Oasis after a shower to find yourself having the sensation of refreshment and relaxation. Get to know the true feeling of “Second Skin” with another new cut created by Croota, combining the logo with a tribal design inspired by an oasis in the middle of desert Australia. Croota brings a new cut into the market featuring a very unique feel. Available in 2 fantastic colours - Salmon and Bijou Blue. Try a pair of these on, they will leave you looking sexier and better than with any other underwear!

Friday, February 14, 2014

2014 with Croota Angular Pattern Hipster and Night Angles Boxer

Croota has started off 2014 with two fabulous underwear items - Angular Pattern Hypster and Night Angles Boxer

There is no doubt that Croota never ceases to surprise us .

Turning back the clock never looked so good. Borrowing from the classic Houndstooth pattern, add a splash of 8 bit graphics and you have one fantastic pair of underwear. Detail in Croota's Comfort Waistband is also inspired by computer graphics popular in early video games. Game On! Available in both Sky and Royal Blue.

Sharp lines add a visual aspect to your manhood that should never be overlooked. Not to mention how great you'll look from behind as well.
Sharp lines add a visual aspect to your manhood that should never be overlooked. Not to mention how great you'll look from behind as well.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

"Bounce" model is back !!!

"Bounce" the most popular model By Marcuse is back in stock !!!

Both boxers and briefs in the Black or White classic colors or the new Red and Sky Blue

Ultra fine fabric with our very 'uplifting' design, Bounce will provide you with the all the support you need while remaining comfortable. You won't believe the bounce until you wear them.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Croota and Marcuse designer underwear - my personal wish list

My Christmas wish list from Croota and Marcuse designer underwear

Taking a look through all the ranges and designer items, I thought to myself what would I like if I had three choices for Christmas / well in short the jury(me in person/who else) has decided and my three favourites this Christmas 2013 are the following.

Number 1 - 
Tartan Forever Boxer from Croota

Maybe it is my Scottish ancestry that attracts me to this model from Croota but I find it simply different and sexy but not over the top. What do you think?
This is a classic but more modern design taken from. Ever thought of yourself in a kilt - these would be great under it. Whether throwing the hammer at the Scottish Games or chilling out in the pub or at hone, you can enjoy your Croota in either of our contemporary patterns. Carrot Orange/Denim Blue or Coffee Brown/Sky Blue. Also available as a bikini or thong.


The Croota Tennis Feverboxer.

Why? Because it looks fantastic and I am particularly taken by the powder blue colour though I doubt if I have the body for it but one is allowed to dream. The Croota designers confess themselves that they were
inspired by their love of tennis when creating this model. It has 3 different embroidery colours at the rear and comes in 2 versatile colours. - Excellent fabric dye and high quality material and embroidery - Super comfy under any pants - Show off your Tennis Fever! - 95% Cotton / 5% Spandex


The Croota Endless Boxer shorts

Simply because I love both the pattern, the design and the shape.The broad red and white waist band and the bespeckled blue background of the body are just different - it is something special.

By the way by clicking on any of the thumbnails you can get a full view rotating close up of each of them on the mv4men website. So come on guys, make my Christmas, it is not going to break the bank as they total a measly Euro 45 for all three pieces. Looking forward to the parcels rolling in guys  .................... 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

At mv4men the new Ultra from Marcuse - Nicholas and Campbell Petts

Mv4men present Marcuse "Ultra" with Campbell and Nicholas Pletts"

The Plett twins have just modelled the latest Marcuse swimwear creation - the "Ultra" line - and it is very ultra everything as the images show.

The new models are available in boxer and brief cut. The brief is available in black, white or gray - all with red rimming and the same applies to the boxer cut. They are excellently priced at around US$ 15 or Euro 13 - compare this with some of the through--the-ceiling prices of other designer ranges and you will get the message.

Marcuse is out for top design, high quality and value for money - so you are not paying for the label - which, by the way, is elegantly included in the waistband of all the Ultra range. To take a close look at the models on the mv4men site simply click on the left-hand image. Our newly designed site now comes with the added functionality that you can view the various colours and designs from a variety of perspective.

Coming on to the "Ultra" line, the briefs are every bit as inviting - just with a lower cut - and a sexy body fit but as you can see if Campbell and Nicholas Pletts can wear them to their advantage so can you - slim, high-quality cotton - and again of course at similar prices to the briefs which will far from break the bank for those fans of designer underwear  - there is no doubt about it - Marcuse has quickly entered and is conquering the designer market - its strategy is a simple one of great design coupled with quality cotton materials and prices which can't be confused with telephone numbers. Click on the left-hand image for closeups of the briefs - again of course donned by our twins.

The advice we offer you from mv4men - you cannot go wrong with such classic designer wear at these prices - while stocks last.