Saturday, March 13, 2010

What does your underwear say about you?

We at modusvivendi have always maintained that underwear for men has become a true fashion statement over the two decades. So what does your underwear choice say about you as a personality. The following youtube video examines the various underwear types both for the man and the women and comes to some interesting conclusions about what the kind of person you are if you wear boxers or strings or even go commando - which I have discovered means wearing no underwear at all. So take a few moments to watch the video and discover what your undies preferences say about you. Me personally? I'm the boxer type and as you will know our summer range of mens underwear may not be as famous as Dolce and Gabanna or Calvin Klein yet. But we're getting there.

Do us at modusvivendi-design a favour. When you have seen the underwear fashion video, take the short poll about your favourite undergarments.

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