Sunday, March 21, 2010

Underwear - at what a price?

Remember these? If you are twenty or over then you are bound to - the classic white Yfront. This was the stock and trade of the underwear industry until the late 80's or early 90's when things changed big time for what men wore under their trousers. What brought about this change? In my view the fashion industry decided this was an unexplored market and that they better get on to it as quickly as possible as there was money ot be made - men's underwear - a potential gold mine.

And that is exactly what happened. Prior to this it was of no concern to anyone - and more specifically the average Joe Doe on the street what he was wearing under those pants. But let the fashion industry and the advertyising industry at it and before you know - you will be what you underwear! In the space of some 30 years the men's underwear industry has seen fundamental change. We have been taught to believe that our underwear is an expression of ourselves and a lifestyle statement about us. Think of the Calvin Klein, Dolce Gabbana and the whole miscellany of fashion houses - today those Y-fronts have become a billion dollar industry. The $4.99 tighty whities have now been replaced in a great degree with the $350 Gucci slip for men - OK I am talking here top of the range but most of us now are somewhere in between. A survey carried out by an advertising agency showed that men are now prepared to spend around $35 for underwear - and wait for it - they are greatly influenced by the packaging it comes in.

See the bra depicted opposite - diamond studded with a price tag of $1.3 million! To me that is really convincing proof that underwear has made it to the ranks of the encrusted Rolex, the Ferrari and caviar - a personal lifestyle statement which seems to be dripping in the prosperity of the western world - we have to hand it to those advertising houses. They have us sold and the more expensive the better it feels. Today would you even dare mention your liking for those $4,99 white Y-fronts? Never!

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