Thursday, March 25, 2010

Quadrigae Zeus or Q-Z bodywear,underwear and swimwear

I wanted to draw your attention to a designer range of men's underwear and swimwear from the United Kingdom which I jave just come across. It is called Quadrigae Zeus or Q-Z bodywear for short and their collection I find more than impressive. By the way, after some research into the somewhat eccentric name of the brand, I discovered that a Quadrigae is an ancient Roman charriot always pulled by four horses. So i suppose the name means "The Chariot of Zeus". So you're up there with the Gods, guys, when you are wearing these designer ranges.

The current collection from Quadrigae Zeus is made up of  "couture", "microfibre","fashion", "club" and "tatoo" and I find them like a breath of spring air on the men's designer underwear scene. You can access the Q-Z Bodywear  here to have a look at the different collections.

One of the most creative ideas, I found, is the use of Swarowski glass  crystals on the fabrics - I have never seen this done before and when used on black, I find the effect amazing. These are clothes just made for clubbing, when you want to look your absolute best for the occasion. The sparkling diamond effect is amazing and the patterns used by Q-Z Bodywear are simply unique. But do not get me wrong, the range is not confined to  plain black and white colours although I think as you can see from a sample of the tatoo collection both the tatoo and the swarowski effect really look their best on pieces that have little colour to distract the eye from the amazing patterns made with the glass and the tatoos.

From the little research I have done on this collection it is rapidly becoming a best seller in Japan and the Japanese designer male underwear market is becoming one that is also setting the pace internationally.

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