Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Silver Paw - men's cosmetic range at mv4men

Who sets the beard trend - Silver Paw cosmetics at mv4men

Everything in fashion follows a trend - beards, designer stubble, mustache - last year's sneakers who wouldn't be seen dead in today. Now if we take the issue of beards it can of course be overdone. I mean this on the left could hardly be described as trend setting could it. But think of the work that goes into keeping this over the top example on the right in trim, how does he take care of it. What would he look like after a rough night on the tiles. But trendy facial hair is making gains in the male facial scene. So who sets the standards, who are the opinion makers about what's cool and what is sheer gross. Today we really do not have to look so far - the media trend-setters, the idols, the gods are the images we follow.
Now MV4MEN after eight years experience in fashion design, particularly in swimwear and underwear for the young and cool around town has decided to pay homage to the beard - no, don't get us wrong - we don't sell them (yet?), that's for Halloween but we have discovered an all natural product range which keeps your beard and skin smooth, healthy and cool. Silver Paw.

The product line is made up of shampoo, shower gel and face cleansing gel. Good news is these are 100% totally natural ingredient Greek products in a limited edition - and at a limited price. So if you have decided to make the change to designer stubble, goatee or full blown beard, these will keep things in trim - fresh, feeding natural nutrients to the skin and adding a glow to your face. You are just one click away from the latest cosmetics for men who are proud of their beards.

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