Monday, March 05, 2012

"Nation" swimwear from Marcuse | only at mv4men

Nation swimwear from Marcuse - new to the mv4men range

Available in grey, black and white, the new Nation swim trunks from Marcuse are a welcome addition to their designer range. Available in every size from XS to XL, the sexy low-cut trunks with the Marcuse logo have a longer-cut back but is the definite summer answer to the right physique.

This is soon to be complemented with the slightly less daring trunk cut which we will be carrying also in our range at mv4men as soon as they become available. Retail prices online at mv4men cannot be beat anywhere - especially in Europe where this Marcuse design from Australia is anything but easy to find.

To take a closer look at the colours, designs and close-up cut just click on the image. On the other hand, to see our complete collection of selective quality for money designer underwear and swimwear just click on the logo below.

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