Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Low price Croota underwear at mv4men

Genuine Croota undies at reduced prices from mv4men

Leo Guard and Surf N Dive: If you are going to buy Australian Croota designer underwear then buy the real thing not fake look alikes made in China. I will not name and shame but you will find many websites claiming to sell the real product but they don't. You can rest assured that at mv4men we guarantee our products are 100% genuine and are actually shipped from the company.

So how can you tell you are buying the real thing. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult and only after washing them will you notice that the quality is not what it seems to be. Below just a couple of the latest ranges which we particularly like. The first is Leo Guard which retails at just over $23 (for the genuine Croota quality and label).

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And my second favourite from Croota in the underwear brief range is Surf N Dive low cut brief in white with contrasting red waistband and the distinctive Croota logo. This is great value and retails at just under $20. So why buy fake rubbish when you can have the real thing, and more important, the real Croota quality for a few dollars more.

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