Monday, June 28, 2010

Mens underwear pockets Croota

Male underwear with pockets from Croota - the best in comfort

Croota is the best  (Australian) male underwear designer company I know that also has a range of underwear with pockets. They are my favourite because of the great colours, the quality material and the fact that after washing they still feel and look like new. The top of the range is Cat's Rain which you can wear as shorts if you choose.
The boxer comes in two different shades. The one you see on the left is called cat's rain (click for larger image). These are great for any occasion - home, the beach, you name it. The pockets and the legs come in a contrasting yellow trim which accents the whole slim fit of the boxer. The other one, featured in the following post is slightly lighter in color and is called Cats Light.
Should you want a closer look at the cut again just click on the image or go directly to our on-line store. Here you'll find no better prices for original Croota underwear which we ship straight from the company.


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